Oh hey!

Hey! My name is Erin and I’ve decided to bake my way through Tish Boyle’s book The Good Cookie. I came up with this awesome idea while lying next to my napping 8 month old son thinking “what the hell do I like doing anymore?” I mean I love my job, I obviously love my son but I realized that I don’t have a single fucking hobby. Not one. I tried knitting. Fail. Tried crocheting. Fail. So I landed on baking. So follow along as try to bake my way through Tish’s 250+ recipes (250+!?!?!?!?! That woman must be a fucking domestic goddess superhuman beast). And go ahead and buy her book: Buy this (I won’t be posting her recipes due to Copyright fun) so you can join me in my baking glory and inevitably several failures. It can’t be that hard, you just follow the recipe right? So here goes nothing…

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