Recipe #1: Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Here’s the main difference between Tish and I: Tish loves nuts. She puts nuts in everything. Nuts on nuts on nuts. I, Erin, hate nuts. So I will be deleting them from many of her recipes to suit my tastes. Sorry not sorry Tish.

Now that my nut rant is over, I started with Tish’s first recipe in her book and also my personal favorite kind of cookie. It’s been a super busy week at work and my son Elliot is teething terribly, so taking a step back and baking was a happy break. Our friends were up for the day so it was awesome to have my good friend Charna help me with starting the recipe. It was my first time ever using my KithenAid mixer (which is HORRIBLE as it was a gift from my amazing bridesmaids at my bridal shower over TWO years ago!!!) so it was good to have Charna there for moral support. And to a soundtrack courtesy of the “Workout Twerkout” playlist on Spotify I made my first cookies!

Therecipe: simple and easy. Sans walnuts (wtf Tish). Tish recommends 10 oz of bittersweet chocolate cut into 1/4 inch chunks. That was a pain in the ass. Don’t do that. Buy the chunks. It’ll be fine. If you’re stubborn like me, make sure you sift out the chocolate “dust” in a fine sieve (not part of Tish’s directions), this will make for a cleaner dough. The only upside to cutting your own chunks: the stress relief courtesy of repeatedly stabbing a bar of chocolate with a knife.

Tish also recommends stirring the ingredients with a wooden spoon. Fuck that. I broke my wrist over the summer so no thank you. I used my mixer and they turned out fine, thank you.

Dough to finished cookies (made 17 cookies with just a little dough left over. To eat obvi):

For every recipe that I write about, I will give a “one bite” cookie rating out of 10 from me, and sometimes my husband. I will also give a bottom line. So here it goes:


Erin: 8.7/10 : Bomb ass cookie, huge portions made me want to promptly run, points deducted for exercise induction. See hand for scale (please note that I have massive man hands):

Husband: 4.5/10 : Boring, needs nuts (monster, who the fuck did I marry!?!)

BottomLine: Definitely would make again, would use a smaller cookie scoop and not allow my husband to have any.

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