Recipe #2: Ginger Quakes

Also known as that time that I finely minced fresh ginger for 45 minutes. Yes, 45 minutes. I quickly discovered two things: 1. I need to work on my knife skills 2. Dayum, our knives are dull.

This week has been crazy as our home has been overtaken by a horrible, merciless plague: Man Sick-itis. Legit, every time my husband sneezes he cries out as if his lungs are falling out of his body. In an attempt to be sympathetic and improve morale, I let my husband comb through Tish’s book and suggest some recipes. He landed on these ginger quakes. And because this world is oh so cruel, my husband realizes (as the cookies are coming out of the oven) that along with his lungs falling out of his abdominal cavity, he has also lost his senses of taste and smell. Sorry hubby! Don’t you worry: I do have a heart, albeit somewhat shrunken and cold. I will be freezing a few for him to enjoy once he can taste again. Unless this is terminal. You never do know with Man Sick-itis.

Therecipe: Let us first address the elephant on the recipe page: Tish suggests adding rendered bacon fat. Sorry Tish, on a Wednesday night with a sick husband and a teething 9 month old baby, ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially when you so kindly suggest finely minced fresh ginger and finely grated orange zest. As stated previously, this took me an ungodly amount of time. Worth it? No fucking clue. I accidentally did not buy enough ginger. I saw this tiny little piece of ginger in the ginger bin and thought to my cheap ass self: “perfect! I only need a little, no need to spend more than 10 cents on ginger”. So I was stuck with about 1.5 tablespoons instead of 2. Honestly, the cookies were super gingery so I think it came out fine despite this cheap judgment call.

Otherwise, the recipe was quite simple. I recommend using the paddle attachment for your mixer as suggested by Tish or your whisk will most definitely be destroyed. This is a thick ass dough. I can’t measure, so my dough balls surely were more than 1 inch in diameter. What can I say, I like big dough balls and I cannot lie.

Make sure you cool these completely on a wire rack!


Erin: 7.1/10: Really Good, gingery AF. Great fall cookie.

Husband: no taste buds, score withheld

BottomLine: Will make again and out of curiosity, will render some bacon fat and add to the recipe. Will that be delicious or disgusting? Stay tuned.

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