Recipe #4: Cinnamon Sugar Crinkles

Let’s just call them Snickerdoodles, ok?

So Man Sick-Itis is contagious and baby and I have both tragically contracted this horrible disease. #prayforus. This week has been a crazy one for us (and I’m sure everybody else who celebrates Turkey Day). We are preparing for our first big road trip with Elliot. Why not take a 9 month old on a 9 hour road trip, can’t be too bad right? Famous last words I’m sure. So tomorrow we’re leaving at the ass crack of dawn to join the rest of the country on the busiest travel day of the year. Enthusiastic yay. So to prep for this, I did my second recipe of the week a bit early. Tish calls them “Cinnamon Sugar Crinkles” but, as a New Englander, we call them Snickerdoodles. I found these cookies pretty boring and not overly flavorful: I dubbed these the basic betch cookie.

The Recipe: Alright Tishy-poo (I’m trialing new pet names as I spend more and more time with her book), not all of us live in a gourmet dream world. Tish lovingly suggests using whole nutmeg, freshly ground in this recipe. I get it. Whole nutmeg is much more flavorful than the factory ground crap. But I live in Bumfuck, New Hampshire. You know what my gourmet food store is? Walmart. Yeah. I’m living in my own personal hell. But I digress. So, shocker, Walmart does not carry whole Nutmeg. I tried. Otherwise, I very carefully followed the recipe and did not make any changes. But my cookies came out more crunchy than chewy so here are my running theories: 1. over worked the dough (I was highly distracted and let the mixer run a bit longer than directed) or 2. over baked them (I have a convection oven so this could have affected the baking time as well). Any other theories out there as to why Tish’s “crunchy on the outside chewy on the inside” cookies turned into Erin’s “break all of your teeth” cookies”? Bueller?

In the oven:

Finished product:

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 5.0/10, the texture wasn’t right and I wasn’t crazy about them. Forgettable and basic. Insert pumpkin spice latte here.

Husband: 4.3/10, hey, we agree on something!

Bottom Line: Meh. Boring. Basic. Actually, probably would taste good with a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing my Uggs, some leggings and a North Face…. If I were to make these again, I would maybe add some cinnamon to the dough and add some Turbinado sugar to the mixture the cookies are rolled in for some more texture.

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