Recipe #6: Triple Chocolate Devil Drops

Have I told you how much I love chocolate?

This week, Elliot has gotten 2 teeth so sleep has been nonexistent. Especially for me. So obviously I decided to make a labor intensive Tish recipe on a Wednesday night instead of “sleeping when baby sleeps” (most annoying baby advice ever, am I right?). I was super excited to make these because I feel like I could legit live off of nothing but chocolate happily. Probably my deserted island food choice. It comes from a tree so it’s healthy right? Anyway, I have to say I was a little let down by these cookies but I definitely had high hopes for them. I’m also cranky so that could be skewing the results. Super cranky. Anyone know if coffee IV infusions exist? Safe for nursing mothers? I kid. Kind of.

Therecipe: I stated before that this was quite labor intensive but now that I sit down to write this, I can’t remember why. Sleep deprivation is a bitch. Was I exaggerating or do I have acute short term memory loss? The ingredients are pretty straight forward with sour cream as the only unusual addition. Which I forgot in my haze and the hubby had to run out and get. Tish recommends sifting the dry ingredients (minus the sugar) together and I definitely agree- makes the batter more uniform and eliminates the potential lumps. When adding the dry ingredients the the butter/sugar/egg mixture, she recommends alternating the addition of the dry ingredients and the sour cream. Tish has some solid advice. The cocoa powder leaves a huge dust cloud if you add it too quickly, the sour cream helps reduce this. Def use your paddle attachment- this is a thick ass dough.

Tish tells you to drop tablespoons of the mixture on the greased pan, next time I may try to shape then because they look like piles of poop… legit don’t change shape when baked. No wonder Tish garnishes these. Otherwise, these are some ugly looking cookies.

My mom bought me a double boiler! No more poor (wo)man’s double boiler for me!

I melted the white chocolate and attempted the thin parallel lines on the cookies. I decided that I’m more avant-garde in my styling than Tish. Or lazy and tired.


Erin: 6.2/10. I was a bit disappointed. They came out perfectly but somehow felt like something was missing. Or am I just missing sleep? (Despite my disappointment I still ate approximately 13 of these since making these last night. Oops)

Husband: 5/10. “Not chocolatey enough” – Hey, we agree again!

BottomLine: Ugly looking but decent cookies. As advertised, they do taste like Devil’s Food Cake cookies. Maybe I’m just not crazy about Devil’s Food Cake? I maybeeeee would make these again. Probably would shape them so they don’t look like the poop emoji 💩

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