Recipe #7: Apple Spice Oatmeal Cookies

Enough with the nuts Tish.

I decided on these cookies for a few reasons: 1. we were invited over to dinner and oatmeal cookies were a special request, 2. these seemed a little pain-in-the-ass-y so I thought they’d be more appropriate for the weekend 3. appropriate to mourn the near end of my favorite season (I mean, does it get more ‘fall’ than apple spice?). In the end, these came out fine. The crumbly-ness of the dough had me shook momentarily but I recovered and so did the cookies. Still sleep deprived. Still cranky. Still underwhelmed by my cookie results.

The recipe: As stated above, Tish not only wants you to add walnuts but also raisins. Ok, if they were oatmeal raisin cookies I’d leave them in but these are not. These are apple spice. So no. No raisins. Not today Tish. These were straightforward and not too tricky which was good. The most time consuming part is the prep of the apple: dicing in 1/4 inch cubes and then softening in butter. As usual, I was not perfect in my measurements but the cubes were somewhat uniform and came out well in the cookie. And yes Tish really wants you to sauté the f’ing apple. So I sautéed the f’ing apple. Whatever. This is a super crumbly dough, especially before you add the apple mixture.

Even then it’s still a crumbly mess. I thought I forgot something.

But I didn’t. I used a cookie scoop and somewhat packed the dough onto the scoop so it didn’t just crumble into a pile when placed. Sometimes it did though. I just packed that shit and moved on.

Tish says 11-14 minutes in the oven – I only needed 9-10 minutes. Perhaps a side effect of the convection oven? Despite how crumbly these were, they came out well shaped and shockingly didn’t fall apart.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 6.1/10. Meh. No real complaints but I can’t rave about them either.

Husband: Null. He’s napping 🙄.

Bottom Line: Ehhhh they’re fine. Really. I’m fine. The cookies are fine. If requested again I’d make them. Maybe.

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