Recipe #8: Classic Gingerbread Cookies

Good morning bakers!

Is anyone else obsessed with The Great British Baking Show? Netflix just put up a new season and I can’t stop watching. Fate had it that the second episode was biscuits (the British are so cute, they’re cookies come on) and the showstopper challenge was gingerbread! I mean, if this Netflix binge wasn’t meant to be then I don’t know what is. These cookies were easy enough to make while I had Paul and Mary on in the background which is an extra bonus. Now, my cookies will never be a show stopper, Paul Hollywood probably won’t ever shake my hand but these came out pretty well!

The recipe: This was so straightforward. The dough is very thick so make sure the paddle attachment is used if you’re using a mixer.

This will most definitely break a whisk. The dough was a perfect shade of molasses brown. Make sure you cool this dough for at least the recommended 2 hours- it definitely makes it much easier to roll, cut and place on the pan.

I sprinkled some Turbinado sugar on top before baking for a little flair and that was it. I mean, even I don’t have anything to bitch about with this recipe. It was easy to follow, low maintenance and the results were perfect! I know Mary Berry would love the snap of this gingerbread. Nice and crisp and pretty perfect.

Yes, my friend. That is a Halloween dish towel under my Christmas cookies. It’s fine.

Nom nom nom

That’s as show stopper as I get Paul and Mary.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 7.0/10. These were pretty awesome. Not drop dead amazing but damn good classic cookies.

Husband: 3/10. “Guess I don’t like gingerbread”.

Bottom Line: These are classic (like the title, I’m not very creative today am I?) and I will definitely make them again for the holidays. Easy with great results. Maybe I’ll make them more fancy next time. Probably not though. I’m not lazy, I’m a minimalist.

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