Recipe #9: Coconut Macaroons

AKA coconuty mounds of happiness.

Macaroons always make me think about New Jersey. No really. Stick with me here. Being from Philadelphia, we would go on lots of day trips down the shore- usually Ocean City. I loved the beach but I really loved the food on the boardwalk. Food is and has always been the highlight of every day for me. Food I needed to consume while down the shore: salt water taffy from Shriver’s (obvs), big ass slices of pizza, free samples of fudge and, lastly, macaroons. My roommate in college and one of my best friends is also from the Shore and she would often bring back macaroons following a trip home. And they would last approximately 5 minutes. For some reason, these never seemed like an approachable dessert to make, always seemed like something that you might as well just buy. Good thing for my roommate and I that I had no clue how freaking easy these are to make. Like ridiculously simple. If we would have known, we likely would each be 300 pounds heavier. But happy. Picture Violet from Willy Wonka x2.

The recipe: I don’t think it gets any easier than this, folks. Need a last minute recipe for a holiday party? Tish gotcha covered here. The only finicky part of this recipe is the requirement of an insulated baking sheet. I don’t have one so I stacked two baking sheets on top of each other as suggested by Tish. This worked like a charm. The dough? batter? (weird consistency of this one) was incredibly easy to mix, I mixed by hand all of the ingredients with a spatula in a large bowl.

I did use my cookie scoop and shaped the mounds lightly by hand so that they didn’t look too messy. Popped those suckers in the oven for 13.5 minutes (Tish suggests 14-18 but my oven definitely bakes quicker as a rule) and they were a perfect golden brown on top. Make sure you cool these on the baking sheet before transferring to the cooling rack- it’s easy to mess these up while they’re still warm and gooey. Resist the urge to eat these warm, they really are better once set.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 6.8/10. Good. Easy. Simple. Taste exactly like the macaroons I’d buy down the shore.

Husband: 7.2/10. “I like macaroons”. Insightful.

Bottom Line: So easy and delicious. I will definitely make these again, especially if I’m short on time. I’ll probably dip these bishes in some chocolate because why the hell not?

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