Recipe #10: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Time to add a kitchen scale to my Amazon cart.

This weekend I turned 29. This did not seem like a huge cause for celebration but did seem like a fantastic excuse to comb through Tish’s book and find the most disgustingly chocolatey cookie recipe and bake it. So I did. We also used our Instant Pot for the first time, why the hell didn’t we get one sooner!? Pretty sure that thing will be an evening routine game changer. Who knew 29 would be about being ridiculously excited about kitchen gadgets and planning elaborate cookie recipes while my 9 month old repeatedly says “mama” in the other room with the hubby? I sure didn’t but I have to say, as cheesy as it sounds, life is pretty awesome right now. And these cookies are pretty freaking awesome too.

Therecipe: Welp, my planning could have been better with these. I did not have a full cup of light brown sugar in my pantry so I ended up using about 3/4 of a cup of the light brown and the rest was dark brown. I also was in no way precise with my measurement of chocolate. Tish states that you should use 14 ounces of bittersweet chocolate: 8 melted with the 2 tablespoons of butter in the double boiler and the rest left as chunks or chips and folded into the dough. I guesstimated. Maybe I was close? Time to buy a kitchen scale. This dough is more like a batter and definitely needs to chill at least an hour before spooning onto the baking sheet.

Probably shouldn’t use your cookie scoop for this: I broke mine with this dough! It is quite firm when chilled. (Big thank you to Charna and Alan for this amazing and accurate oven mitt).

These are soft gooey cookies that really do need to chill on the sheets before transferring and fully chilling on the wire rack. It was so hard to tell if these were done enough because they were still a bit wobbly when taken out of the oven. But they firmed up once they cooled and were amazing.


Erin: 9.1/10. My fave recipe thus far. Ooey gooey ridiculously chocolatey goodness.

Husband: 7.6/10. “Rich, chocolatey, fudge like”.

BottomLine: Well these were awesome. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to duplicate what I did with these due to my lack of precision with the chocolate measurement and random addition of dark brown sugar but I’ll def try. If you hate chocolate you’ll hate them but I happen to live for chocolate so…

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