Recipe #11: Dark Victory Brownies

So nice I made them twice

Legit. These are bomb. Lit, shall we? That’s what the kids are saying these days right? These brownies are lit. Baked them two times this week. So, Tish (just like myself) writes an intro before getting down to business in her book. The intro for these brownies has to be my favorite of any of the intros thus far. Tish has gone to the dark side. She describes her thought process for these and then declares the recipe “my own dark victory”. Omg. I think I maniacally laughed for several minutes with the image of Tish as a Sith Lord viewing her dark victory a great success. Defeat those light (side) brownies (blondies?)Tish. Or maybe she is sitting in one of those fancy “bad guy” chairs from the movies, stroking her hairless cat whilst celebrating the great dark victory of these (freaking amazing bomb-ass) brownies. I get it Tish, these were awesome and I feel inspired to join the dark side.

The recipe: Still don’t have a kitchen scale so once again, I guesstimated (both times) while measuring the chocolate to melt for the brownies. Hey, at least I have a double boiler to melt it in! There is a shit ton of butter in these. Look at all this damn butter:

That is what one size up in a dress size looks like, people. Whatevs, it’s the holiday season so treat yo self. Once you melt the glue to bind your coronary arteries together, you add in the cocoa powder and sugar. Take it slow or you’ll encase yourself in a cocoa cloud. I hand mixed these from start to finish. It was super easy, a batter not a dough, so even with my poor left wrist (non-union fracture) I had no issues mixing. Tish’s surprise ingredient (and why she declared victory) is sour cream. It helped make these brownies moist AF. Yes, I used the word moist. Get over it. I love Tish’s suggestion of lining the pan with aluminum foil, greasing the foil (I always use unsalted butter to grease) and then once the brownies are cool, just lifting it right out the pan. A glorious way to reduce dirty dishes. The bake time was spot on but, as usual, my oven bakes quickly with convection and mine were done on the low end of her estimation (40 minutes). A good, easy recipe. Nothing fiddly, nothing tricky. Two thumbs up for that. Kinda hard to take pretty pictures of these though. I promise that they taste better than they look.

LoL at my attempt to make these pretty. Look at my massive fail below:

Sigh. They taste good. I promise.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 9.1/10. These beat the last recipe. So. So. So. So. Good. I’ve officially joined the dark side and never looking back. Truly a dark victory (I say with my black hood up whilst laughing maniacally).

Husband: 80/10. “Tim, this scale is out of 10. It doesn’t work like that.” “I stand by my rating, 80.” Sigh. Guess I’ve recruited the hubby to the dark side too. *Off to gather some black Sith hoods for the family*

Bottom Line: If I didn’t make it clear enough above, these are good. Really fucking good. And easy. So grab Tish’s book and make them. Make a bunch of them. Recruit your families and friends to Tish’s evil baker gang. You won’t turn back.

Side note: upon re-reading this, I’ve realized that I’ve lost my damn mind. Posting anyway!

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