Recipe #12: Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nom nom nom.

I liked these. I really liked these. So much so that I forgot to attempt to take pretty pictures of these. Ate them too quickly. It has been snowing. Nonstop. And when it stops, it’s like -5 F. Not even an exaggeration. And I moved here from Phoenix Arizona where it is in the 60s today. My statement on my last post was correct: I’ve lost my damn mind. Whoever wrote Winter Wonderland was either: A. Drunk, B. Smoking something funky, C. Just visiting for the day, or (the most likely option) D. All of the above. Sigh. So baking and hibernating are the best options. If only I didn’t have to go to work.

The recipe: Simple and classic with a twist. Tish added sour cream to these. You may be noticing a theme with my last recipe. You see, I’m cheap. I didn’t finish the sour cream with the brownies so I found another Tish recipe to use it up with. And I was not disappointed. In true Tish fashion, she attempts to add raisins and nuts to these. And I continue to stick to my guns and say F nuts, F raisins. Why oh why would you ruin perfectly good choco chip cookies with that crap. And if you use that good good chocolate than you truly don’t need anything else. Ever. Nothing else in this world is needed if you have chocolate. I found the baking time to be tricky with these. Under-baked and these are sticky but like 2 more minutes and they burn. I found that the high end of Tish’s timing was best for these and my substitution of the raisins and nuts could be playing a role here. Otherwise, delish.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 7.9/10. Really good. More tangy and chewy than a traditional chocolate chip cookie.

Husband: 5/10. “Chocolate chip cookies are just ok”.

Bottom Line: These were awesome. If I have sour cream sitting in my fridge I will definitely make these again.

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