Recipe #13: Peanut Butter Blossoms

A week late on these- oops!

Whew. The holidays are over and work hopefully will chill the f out soon too. What doesn’t need to chill? Our weather. Holy shitballs it’s cold. Like -20 not counting windchill cold. Over it.

I went off brand again so that I could make my husband’s fave Christmas cookie: the PB blossom. I found the recipe I used at Sally’s Baking Addiction. I attempted to try and find a Tish recipe that could work but I came up short. But Sally’s recipe was delicious and easy and made the hubby (and me) very happy. ‘Tis the season to go up a pant size anyway.

The recipe: Find the recipe here. I found this recipe quite easy and straightforward. The hardest part about these? Unwrapping all of the kisses. I ended up using natural creamy peanut butter and the cookies came out a bit crumbly for my taste. I wonder: would these have been a better texture with the bad for you peanut butters? (ie Skippy, Jiffy). Despite the textural flaw these came out great.

One Bite Rating:

No scores, not a Tish recipe.

Bottom Line: Delicious and classic. Hubby and I ate exponentially more of these than we meant to. I would definitely make these again, maybe with a different brand/type of creamy peanut butter.

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