Recipe #14: Gingersnaps

New Year, new cookies.

Whew. The holidays are finally over. And we’re still freezing our asses off up here.

Back to reality. But if reality includes these cookies then I’m in. Freaking amazing. What’s not amazing? I left my house this morning at -16 degrees F. Yeah. That negative sign is not a typo. Legit, our windows are frozen shut. As my friend Charna so perfectly put it, this weather is not compatible with life. It sure as hell isn’t. I’m grateful for a working furnace and my Ugg boots. And these cookies. But. Hey! It’s 2018! New Year new me? Nah. New Year, new cookies.

The recipe: The trickiest part of this is just chopping up the crystallized ginger in tiny little chunks without chopping my finger off with my full blade. Lol. But that’s a personal problem. I forgot to buy a lemon to zest and didn’t realize that I didn’t have ground cloves in my pantry until the batter was half made so these were not included. Instead, I added a little extra ground ginger, chopped crystallized ginger and ground cinnamon. Tasted awesome. These were rather soft in texture which I personally enjoyed but maybe I should have baked them longer? Oh well.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 8.0/10: loved these. Ate approximately 12000. Just kidding. Maybe 20.

Husband: Score withheld due to ill-timed nap at time of writing/publishing. He did state that these tasted more like molasses than ginger cookies. He also ate half the batch. So there’s that.

Bottom Line: Would definitely make again. These had a stronger molasses flavor than the other ginger cookies that I made from Tish’s book. They were easy and tasty and a big hit with our friends (and their baby) too!

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