Recipe #15: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Again with the nuts.

Welp, Tish, you win this one. I added the freaking nuts to the recipe as instructed. And I didn’t burst into flames. Life has been crazy as it has been redonk cold here. Legit, our windows had ice on the inside and were frozen shut. In exciting baby news: Elliot took his first step! Literally a single step but hey, you have to start somewhere!

The recipe: For maybe the first time since starting my little “project”, I actually followed the recipe. I added the peanuts AND the cashews. Who am I? Anyway, the came out fine and were a hit with the coworkers. I may have even eaten one or five myself. And I got to use the chopper we got for our wedding (2.5 years ago) for the first time. Win.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 3.6/10: Meh. Nuts just aren’t ma thang.

Husband: 4.5/10. “They’re fine”

Bottom Line: I see no need to make these again. Unless they were a special request. Just meh.

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