Recipe #17: Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dayum. These were good cookies.

Yes I used the past tense when talking about these because these were practically inhaled they were so good. I almost forgot to take pics of these as a result and I only had a few left for pictures by the time I thought of it! Thank god I froze half the batch for my son’s first birthday party! We are doing a “Dinosaurs and Dessert” there- what did you do for your baby’s first birthday party? Ugh, about to go cry over the inevitability of my son not being a baby forever. Life is cruel. I’ll go eat some more of these cookies to cope. Oh wait- they’re gone. Why me!?!

The recipe: Tish wants you to use some more damn nuts in this one. Don’t remember the kind because I conveniently forgot to add them. Sorry not sorry. This recipe calls for you to make a “master dough”, halve it and then add some cocoa powder to the other half. And then you grab a ball of each dough, put them in your hand and, voila! Like magic you have this little glorious ball of marbled deliciousness. Genius. And pretty damn easy.

Man- pictures don’t do these babies justice.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 7.5/10: So. Good. No need to say more.

Husband: No score- he liked these but somehow they went missing before he had a second. One of life’s great mysteries. Wonder where they went?

Bottom Line: Awesome twist, marble shall we?, on the classic chocolate chip cookie. I’m looking forward to having the fam try these at the birthday party!

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