Recipe #18: Sour Cherry White Chocolate Cookies

Living rural definitely has its baking limitations.

This recipe was on the back burner for so long because I couldn’t find some damn dried sour cherries. We are limited to stupid Walmart for groceries and they have nothing I want. Ever. What do I have to do to replace freaking Walmart with a Target? Or a Trader Joe’s less than 2 hours away!? Dying up here. Eventually, we schlepped our asses to a Co-op where they have things like fresh veggies and lo and behold- sour cherries! Praise the lord baby Jesus. They were pricey but sure as hell better than paying the $20 that Amazon was demanding for these. So- Mr. Trader Joe, if you’re reading this, I’m begging you. North Country New Hampshire. Please. We need you.

The recipe: You know you’re in for it when Tish warns you about the prep being annoying for a recipe. I’m supposed to chop these little ass dried sour cherries into slivers. So I did. And it took me a GD hour and a half to do it. So I did that the night before I actually made the cookies. And I toasted my almond slivers like a good girl. Tish has me well trained at this point. Yeah, these were a little annoying to put together. But looking ahead at some of the more complicated cookies has me thinking that I need to stop complaining- the worst is yet to come. Good thing I love cookies and have a serious and crippling sugar addiction.

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 6/10: These were yummy and different. Still had chocolate (albeit white) to make me happy.

Husband: 5.8/10

Bottom Line: Annoying to make but yummy. Might make them again if I can find someone to chop those damn cherries for me.

2 thoughts on “Recipe #18: Sour Cherry White Chocolate Cookies

  1. I love the taste of Cherry and White Chocolate! I’m for sure going to try this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are definitely worth a try!! They were a big hit with my coworkers


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