Recipe #19: Cranberry Chocolate Spice Cookies

Leaving procrastination station. Finally

Hey. It’s been a while. And I’ve been baking. But not writing. Oops. Time to play catch up. It’s been a crazy busy month and this blog definitely took a back seat. My son turned 1! Wahhhh. So bittersweet. We had a dinosaur and dessert theme. I actually froze a number of the cookies that I’ve made and served them- they were a hit! And froze/defrosted extremely well. It was so nice to not have to bake the day of the party- there were so many other things to worry about! The only cookies that I made specifically for the party were Tish’s sugar decorator cookies with royal icing. I will try these again and make a whole post about them but here are some party pics and the cookies!

These chocolate spice cookies were among the cookies that I served defrosted and they were amazing fresh and amazing defrosted. Pretty much inhaled my everyone. I wasn’t sure what a chocolate spice dough would be like (cinnamon and nutmeg plus cocoa powder??) but these cookies were gooooood. I’m not usually a huge fan of dried fruit but the cranberries were a great addition of texture to these cookies.

The recipe: Ugh. I almost don’t even remember making these! This is why procrastination is bad kids. Honestly, thinking back and reviewing the recipe with instructions, I remember these cookies being super straightforward and easy to make! Nothing weird, nothing tricky. No annoying prep. And great for freezing!

One Bite Rating:

Erin: 6.8/10: I liked these. They were easy and unique!

Husband: He liked these but doesn’t remember how he’d rate them. Oh well.

Bottom Line: Yummy and unique. A great fall/winter cookie.

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